My name is Pete Fetters I am a Country / Blues singer and guitarist.    Always going for a FUN vibe that gets people dancing and having a good time.  I've been in the music business for a good thirty years.  I fronted a number of bands while living in the Detroit area.   Since moving to northern Michigan I'm focusing on a One Man Act that sounds like a three piece band .....vocals, electric guitar, slide guitar, electronic rhythm section (that's always on time for a show, stays sober, works for free and is always in an amicable state of mind).   I play cover songs that I try to put a fresh, new, energetic spin on.....rather than the same old same old. Songs from people like JOHNNY CASH, CHRIS STAPLETON, WAYLON JENNINGS, WILLIE NELSON,GEORGE STRAIT, TOBY KEITH, RANDY TRAVIS, MERLE HAGGARD, HANK WILLIAMS JR. & SR.  etc......  I started singing in my church choir when I was about 10 years old and was the featured soprano singer on many Sundays.  The attention and acclaim I received along with what music did to me internally hooked me for life. Started playing guitar at 13, took a few lessons before quitting (didn't care for the smell of whiskey on my instructors breath) and have been self taught since.  My father was an amazing vocalist (think Bing Crosby) and trumpet player.  Recorded music was always playing in the house.   When I got into learning jazz standards ( All Of Me, Bye By Blackbird, Sentimental Journey, Georgia, Summertime) they came pretty easy, like old friends that I was catching up with.....thanks Dad!    I think Hank Williams Sr. was one of the greatest blues singers that ever lived and Merle Haggard, was and is, my favorite vocalist ever.  Country music has gone in a lot of different directions over the years.  I pick songs to sing that are FUN with great melodies, songs people are familiar with.  I avoid songs that are downers....again going for music that is FUN to listen to.